Sexiest Men in TV Today!

Hot Celebs on Television

Now a days, there’s dozens of attractive and capable males in Hollywood that it becomes difficult to pick which is the most artistic, but I have a few I can think of. For example, Ryan Phillippe, & that’s just a few that are both talented and sexy. Yet, for some reason they don’t gather as much flattery as other more famous performers.

Frequently, performers such as Bruce Willis receive adoration meanwhile other males performers stay without no notable attention given. Yet, Bruce Willis is fabulous, I’ve noticed that  performers like James Franco & Tobey Maguire are incredibly more engaging & moving in their performances, likewise, they’re also, the charming males in Hollywood worldwide but regretfully haven’t been given enough kudos.

Lady Gaga Suffers a Concussion

Mother Monster was performing in New Zealand on June 10th of this year when a dancer carried off a pole from the dance stage when he bashed Ms. Lady Gaga on the top side of her head incredibly hard. What happened at that moment Gaga had bent down to pick up a gun stage prop before getting bashed. Right after the accident occurred Ms. Lady Gaga hesitated for a second and then touched her head. Gaga slowly walked off the concert stage right after, but in a few minutes made her way back on stage to finish sixteen additional tracks. During the concert she spoke to the fans and told “”I want to apologize. I did hit my head and I think I may have a concussion. But don’t you worry, I will finish this show.” On Monday, Gaga tweeted a photo of how she looks where you can totally looked at the bruising on her right cheek and around her right eye. The singer also added to the photo, “Emerging from hours of sleep”. So, it seems that the songstress will be alright and is recuperate incredibly fast from her head injury. Many fans are impressed that Mother Monster could complete her New Zealand concert.

Hottest Hollywood Partnerships Of This Year

2011 had a bunch of star divorces and breakups which had many fans thinking if those in Hollywood are aware on how to keep a companionship going.There is no desire to think any longer as a few of these celebrity companionships have only been seeing one another for a few short months, but seem to be truly in love and respectful of one another. We are sure these couples can be with one another for a long time!

1. Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes

2. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

3. Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi

4. Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber

5. Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem

This year of 2012 seems to be full of happiness and unions for celebrities. Pay close attention as you will see each and every one of these couples in the television as they are always in the spotlight. This year seems to be a good one so far.

Mr. Alec Baldwin Knocks Out Camera Man for NY Daily News Outside NY Courthouse

Alec Baldwin was cheerfully leaving the NY Courthouse when a Photographer for New York Daily News started flashing snap orange juice of ALEC BALDWIN & his wife-to-be- Ms. Hilaria Thomas. They were at the NY’s Justice Building to obtain a permit to get hitched.

It appears that Mr. Alec Baldwin concluded that his cheerful & nonpublic point along with his cherished bride to be was being spoiled by a Photographer for New York Daily News. ALEC BALDWIN began screaming at the photo taker & then proceeded to beat up the Camera Man for NY Daily News. Needless to say, that Mr. Alec Baldwin has major mood swings. Magazine Photographers should just stay far away from ALEC BALDWIN & wife-to-be Ms. Hilaria Thomas.

Current Dysfunctional Star Couples

Failed Celeb Couples

Celebrities frequently switch husbands and wives as much as they change their undergarments. A small amount of couples last for some time before breaking it off, while some are an absolute disaster straight
from the start. Companionship should be looked at truly sincere, but for some rationalization a lot of celebs don’t or they involve themselves into these crazy   companionships that is totally no good from the start. Here are the Top Five Worst Celeb Partners Ever:

1. Eminem and Kim Mathers

2. Jon and Kate Gosselin

3. Sammie and Ronnie (Jersey Shore)

4. Paris Hilton and Nick Carter

5. Billie Holiday and Louis McKay

This list of celeb companionships have either slept with other people, physically abused and much more to each other. These are the most dysfunctional companionships Hollywood has been exposed to and I am sure there are plenty more horrible partners to expose themselves. We should have faith that in the near future actors and actresses will choose their boyfriends and girlfriends more careful.