Mr. Alec Baldwin Knocks Out Camera Man for NY Daily News Outside NY Courthouse

Alec Baldwin was cheerfully leaving the NY Courthouse when a Photographer for New York Daily News started flashing snap orange juice of ALEC BALDWIN & his wife-to-be- Ms. Hilaria Thomas. They were at the NY’s Justice Building to obtain a permit to get hitched.

It appears that Mr. Alec Baldwin concluded that his cheerful & nonpublic point along with his cherished bride to be was being spoiled by a Photographer for New York Daily News. ALEC BALDWIN began screaming at the photo taker & then proceeded to beat up the Camera Man for NY Daily News. Needless to say, that Mr. Alec Baldwin has major mood swings. Magazine Photographers should just stay far away from ALEC BALDWIN & wife-to-be Ms. Hilaria Thomas.