Bubba the Love Sponge And The Super Destroyer Passed Around HeatherClem

Terry Boulder & Heather Cole SEX TAPE just appeared on the world wide web a week ago & it has achieved quite the wave. Heather Cole was hitched to Todd Alan Clem who is a popular radio host who’s worked with Mr. Howard Stern. At the time Todd Alan Clem & Heather Cole wedded, Terry Boulder was the best man. In the SEX TAPE it positively displays how Terry Boulder pounded Heather Cole in her & BUBBA THE LOVE SPONGE’s bed chamber. This very fact leads to a lot of people to believe that Terry Boulder & Todd Alan Clem were passing around Heather Cole who was The Super Destroyer’s ex wife, LINDA HOGAN’s best friend. Heather Cole was always known to be a really beautiful woman that adored posting racy pictures of herself & uploading them on the world wide web. Now we come to learn that HEATHER CLEM was also, a sex fiend that fancied being pounded by Terry Boulder & being photographed while in her romps.