Ozzy Osbourne Looks Lost In Beverly Hills

Ozzy Osbourne is a very well known heavy metal singer and the rest of his family is pretty much known as well. Osbourne was making his way through Beverly Hills, California recently with this lost blank look on his face. It seemed as if he had no idea where he was headed to. Osbourne is also working on a new album and has been extremely busy working in the studios. Take a look at his personal Twitter page @OfficialOzzy to check out more information about his new music album. Are you looking for more celebrity news? Read about Pregnant Shakira & Boyfriend Gerard Pique Movie Date.

Former Victoria’s Secret Angel Karolina Kurkova Hangs Out In NYC

Former Victoria’s Secret Angel Karolina Kurkova seems to always be on the phone when she is out and about in New York City. Just last week she was texting while walking and crossed a busy street just to almost get hit. This chick needs to learn how to look both ways and just detach that cellphone from her ear. Kurkova is very active on Twitter as well as she is always updating every hour and if you want to check her out click on @karolinakurkova. Make sure you also read about Spice Girls and Usher Stop By ITV Studios to see what these musicians are up too.

Kristen Stewart Hangs With Divorcee Dad At Florence And The Machine Concert

Kristen Stewart is rarely photographed with her father, but her father is experiencing hard times right now as he is becoming a divorcee this very moment. The orange juiceors of Stewart’s parents divorcing are true and that is why she is trying to life her father’s spirits with a night out at the Florence And The Machine concert in Hollywood at the Hollywood Bowl. The two definitely didn’t want their pictures taken as Stewart had more of a depress look than her father. Read about Celebrities Attend Cheryl Cole Concert In London to see which celebrities are a fan of Cheryl Cole.

Anthony Hopkins Rocks Hip-Hop Fashionable Sunglasses

Anthony Hopkins, Welsh actor, was spotted sporting some very hip-hop fashionable sunglasses as he leaves his Dorchester hotel in London, England. The incredibly talented actor is best known for his roles on The Mask of Zorro, Meet Joe Black Hannibal, Red Dragon, The Wolfman, Thor and many other amazing films. Make sure you take a look at “Madmen” Jon Hamm On Set Of “Clear History.”

Marcia Pellegrinella In A Bikini

The girlfriend of Italian musician Eros Ramazzotti has been flaunting her goodies all over the beaches of Miami lately. Everywhere Marcia Pellegrinella goes she is wearing an exposing bikini, but of course no one is complaining as she looks absolutely amazing in them. These Europeans are just rocking out with the hot bodies as you have to see the Photos of Sexy Cheryl Cole. You will definitely fall in love! Have you ever wondered Who Is Ms. K Michelle? Well, give your brain the pleasure of finding out. She is one sexy lady.

Engaged Miley Cyrus Cuts Her Mop

Yesterday Disney star Miley Cyrus came to the conclusion that she was going to cut her hair style. Beloved fans everywhere met the choice with anger. The word dashed through the Twitter world as Ex Disney Star Miley Cyrus uploaded the self pics of her totally new hair style. Well known hair fashionista Chris McMillan labored over the deed of cutting her hair to short length. While he kept Cyrus’ playful look. Fans everywhere wondered her plans for her nuptials with Long-time boyfriend Liam Hemsworth taking in account her new hairstyle. Yet both Dad and her husband to be totally loved her change. The image is via Miley Cyrus Twitter account.

Ex Disney Star Miley Cyrus Debuts A Short Hair Style

Ms. Miley Cyrus wanted to traumatism the Twitter world when she posted a new gallery of pictures of herself with her hair shorter. Ms. Cyrus had well known hair cutter Chris McMillan shave all of her medium length locks off and she relish every single moment of attention coming her way. Miley Cyrus tries her best to not be the wholesome little girl that a lot of fans see her as. Everyone is totally hoping that she has plans on wearing extensions for her upcoming wedding though, because that hairstyle is a little off. Ex Disney Star Miley Cyrus’ future husband has to be absolutely in love with her because that hair style is isn’t that cute on her. The picture is via Miley Cyrus Twitter account.