Memphis Loves Eva Longoria

We feel sorry for Tony Parker but not as much as we feel sorry for actress Eva Longoria. The newly wedded couple recently broke up after Tony cheated on Eva with another woman. Now the scandal is being used against Tony in his business life. Tony is now in the NBA playoffs with his team, the San Antonio Spurs, against the Grizzlies. It was reported that some of the Grizzlies fans were caught wearing Eva Longoria masks to try and embarrass Tony. Personally, we don’t think it worked but they did lose.

Eva Opens Up About Divorce

It was interesting to say the least, watching Eva Longoria being interviewed by Piers Morgan from CNN. He did a fantastic job, by the way,  you know when he threw all those cute softball questions. Needless to say the interview was not too bad. Especially considering he’s filled in the Larry King spot. Do you feel humiliated?” Speaking about her split from NBA player Tony Parker for the first time , Longoria responded: “A bit. Yeah. Mostly … because it had to play out so publicly. He’s not a bad person. He just wanted something else. And I don’t hate him for it. I really don’t.”
Morgan proceeds with more softballs, “What was it like for you when it all exploded?” Which at this point I was a bit surprised to see a few tears shed by Longoria. (She wouldn’t, however, discuss why exactly she split from Parker after nearly four years of marriage.) Staying classy, which is why we love her. “It was heartbreaking,” she said. “It was disappointing because I had such an identity in being Mrs. Parker, and being a wife. And so when that’s taken away from you, you go, ‘Who am I?’ And that was hard.” View dailycelebdirt for the latest celebrity gossip and news.

Eva Longoria Parker Removes Matrimonial Tattoo

It’s official!!! Eva has finally removed the matrimonial tattoo she had on her wrist. The tattoo was her wedding date to Tony Parker in Roman numerals. The two were married back in 2007 and after a short three years The Desperate Housewives star filled for divorce. Allegedly she found hundreds of sex texts between her husband and the wife of a former team mate. Orange Juiceor has it that this has not been the first affair and probably won’t be the last. Let this be a leason to all women out there, don’t tattoo anything to do with a man on your body no names, dates, etc. Only exceptions would be your daddy or someone who has passed.
Relationships and marriages come and go unfortunately nothing seems to last forever anymore.

Eva Longoria Parker Sexy Pic

Let’s face it Eva Longoria Parker is just one fine latina woman. She has a successful acting career on the hit television show Desperate Housewives, but not a so successful relationship/marriage.

I am sure now she will choose her next lover more wisely and hopefully this time he will not be a athlete star.