Current Dysfunctional Star Couples

Failed Celeb Couples

Celebrities frequently switch husbands and wives as much as they change their undergarments. A small amount of couples last for some time before breaking it off, while some are an absolute disaster straight
from the start. Companionship should be looked at truly sincere, but for some rationalization a lot of celebs don’t or they involve themselves into these crazy   companionships that is totally no good from the start. Here are the Top Five Worst Celeb Partners Ever:

1. Eminem and Kim Mathers

2. Jon and Kate Gosselin

3. Sammie and Ronnie (Jersey Shore)

4. Paris Hilton and Nick Carter

5. Billie Holiday and Louis McKay

This list of celeb companionships have either slept with other people, physically abused and much more to each other. These are the most dysfunctional companionships Hollywood has been exposed to and I am sure there are plenty more horrible partners to expose themselves. We should have faith that in the near future actors and actresses will choose their boyfriends and girlfriends more careful.