Most Obscure Celebrity Relationships

There have been a few Hollywood companionships that plenty of viewers do not know of. Most ponder, “How could I not known about it?” The fact is lots of stars that did get together only dated for a little amount of time and made certain to keep their relationship secret. Others were in the public eye, but for one reason on lookers either fail to remember about them or completely did not make a big deal out of the companionship.

Here are the Top 3 Famous Companionships You Didn’t Know About:

1. Paula Abdul & John Stamos.

2. Nick Cannon & Kim Kardashian.

3. Corey Feldman & Drew Barrymore.

Lots of these Hollywood couples truly flabbergasted celeb lovers as there was a couple that I definitely did not heard of. It is a tiny bit shocking to see some of these celebs be attracted to one another and then sadly break up as well. Make sure to continue checking back for much more incredible celeb gossip.